IMPORTANT: MCRLOT isn't yet open for borrowing, but please support our crowdfunder to help us get over the line!
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Please support our crowdfunder

    Our crowdfunder is now LIVEclick here to support us.

    We’re crowdfunding with the support of the Aviva Community Fund to raise £6000 for the Library of Things. This will be to raise essential funds in order to stock the Library with wonderful things to borrow.

    We’ve recently been calling out for donations of “things” to stock the Library. We’ve had some really generous donations and received over 180 items. A huge thank you to everyone who’s supported us so far.

    We now need to buy the things that weren’t donated, things like carpet cleaners, hedge trimmers, and gardening tools. This is what our crowdfunder is for. Once it’s finished, we’ll be buying these items and stocking the Library. Our focus will be on sourcing high quality items from reputable brands, that will last even when borrowed again and again.

    Then we need to PAT test and list all the items on to the website, recruit volunteers to run the library day-to-day and we can open!

    The funds will also help to pay for some boring things like IT, accountants and volunteer expenses – all important to help us finally open the doors.

    The crowdfunder is running for a month (until 29/10/23) and every donation is match funded by the Aviva Community Fund up to the value of £250. So, if you fancy donating £249, the Library will get a whopping £498! What’s not to like about that?!

    If you can make a donation, it would be a wonderful way to support our community project. If you’re not able to donate, then please do share the link to the crowdfunder with friends, colleagues and family members to spread the word.