IMPORTANT: MCRLOT isn't yet open for borrowing, but please support our crowdfunder to help us get over the line!
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Manchester Library of Things is a community-run social enterprise based in Levenshulme. We aim to make useful tools and equipment affordable and accessible. By sharing more and buying less, we can reduce waste, save money and help the environment.

What is the Library of Things?

The Manchester Library of Things (LOT) is a volunteer-run project, which stocks everything a community wants or needs. This includes everything from power drills and pizza ovens and bikes to binoculars. Most items will be donated by the community or bought second-hand.

The LOT’s goals are to reduce waste, by allowing the community to come together and share high quality items that would otherwise be unaffordable. If we can all share one really decent steam cleaner, we may save 50 cheap ones from landfill!

Have lots, waste less

LOTs encourage a behaviour shift from unnecessary ownership (and overproduction) to community ownership, sharing and waste reduction. They allow people on low incomes access to goods that would be otherwise unaffordable.

Why use a Library of Things?

Save money

Why buy when you can borrow?

Free up space

Clear your shed or cellar of things you hardly ever use

Cut carbon

By buying less and sharing more, we create less waste

A photo of four of the MCRLOT team, standing in front of a blue shipping container wearing hi-vis vests

Our aims:

 1. To make borrowing more appealing than buying

2. To promote a zero-waste ethos of sharing, reusing and repairing

3. To make quality items affordable for the whole community

4. To highlight other sharing initiatives and the sharing economy

5. To offer an alternative model to ownership and consumerism

6. To encourage local volunteering and community participation